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Beautiful cushions and cushion covers can bring life to any room – they bring patterns, colours, delicious textiles and a sense of luxury to the home. Moroccan cushion covers are known for being colorful and deeply unique, which makes them perfect for the Scandinavian home, where they create a beautiful contrast to the simple and clean look.

At Tibladin, I always look for beautiful and unique cushions that I myself love and believe will decorate the home. Many of the cushions are made from vintage carpets that I find in Morocco and draw up and have cut and sewn into completely unique cushions. It is an exciting and creative process. Every detail is thought of and all the cushions are made with great love. There are Moroccan pillowcases in many different materials, from wool and cotton, to silk extracted from the cactus plant and pillowcases made from vintage Kilim rugs. You will therefore find a large selection both physically in the store and on the webshop.

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Beautiful and unique pillows for the home

The many beautiful Moroccan cushion covers are all handmade in Morocco and are made from textiles such as wool, silk and cotton. This means that they each have a story and have small variations and imperfections that make them completely special. It's just part of their soul and charm. At Tibladin you will find, for example, Silke cushion covers made from cactus silk, which is silk extracted from the cactus plant, where the natural fibers from the plant are transformed into the finest textiles. The cactus silk, also called Sabra, is handmade from real Aloe Vera silk, which is harvested from cacti that grow in the Sahara desert. That is why the pillows are also 100% organic. The cushions are also dyed by hand according to old Berber traditions.

It is therefore also a very sustainable production, as many of the cushions are made either from recycled materials or natural and organic fibres. The cushions come in many different colors and designs, with a multitude of beautiful patterns and colours, so there is always something for every taste and style.

The cushions are naturally durable, as they are made of high-quality materials and textiles, but should you be unlucky enough to get them dirty, they can easily either be dry cleaned or washed in the machine, depending on the material. The pillowcases have a strong zipper that makes it easy to put them on and off.

Handmade in a women's cooperative south of Marrakech

The Moroccan pillow covers also have a fascinating history. Besides being made from delicious materials such as wool and the cactus plant, which makes them very unique in their appearance and quality, some of the pillowcases are also made in a women's cooperative south of Marrakech. Here they are made and sewn by hand by women from a small village, who can support themselves and their families with the work. It is a collaboration that both they and I have greatly enjoyed.

Other styles and designs, such as the cushion covers made from vintage kilim carpets, are made and produced in collaboration with a designer in Marrakech. Here, the carpets used for the cushions are carefully selected and the cushion covers are therefore deeply unique. Their design, patterns and colors depend on which vintage rug is chosen. In this way, old Moroccan carpets also get a new look in these beautiful covers.

Decorate your home with beautiful Moroccan textiles

Moroccan silk pillows and cushion covers in wool and cotton are perfect to decorate your home with, and they can be used both in the living room, the bedroom and the guest room. Use them to bring life and color to a sofa set or armchair, or use them as decorative pillows around the home. The many designs and expressions on the cushions in our large selection means that there is undoubtedly something for every taste and interior style. If you are into a Nordic and soft look, you can find cushions in wool and cotton in simple earthy colors such as beige and white, but if the style calls for something more exciting and colorful, there is also a large selection of beautiful cushion covers to choose from . The BOHO and SABLE series of cushions, for example, will compliment both the Scandinavian and the funkier homes, and in both series there is a selection of different motifs and expressions. Regardless of the style, you are guaranteed beautiful cushion covers of high quality, where thought and love have been put behind the design and production. So just go out into a universe full of color and life.