Is it just me or is there something satisfying about saving the bed? A bedspread makes a world of difference. With one, the bedroom looks more orderly and stylish and your bed looks more inviting and beautiful. Our bedspreads are handwoven in Marrakesh, Morocco. These are some that we have designed in collaboration with a workshop in Marrakech with the intention of creating chic, modern bedspreads of the very highest quality. The quality of the product is something we value just as much as the appearance.

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Showing all 7 results

Unique bed blankets that give your bedroom a cozy atmosphere

The bedspreads are made of 100% cotton and are woven on a contramarch loom. They are therefore produced in a very controversial way and the work process is long. The skilled Moroccan village men produce these bedspreads on this old-fashioned wooden loom, where at the end of the process you end up with a beautiful work of art. It is a hugely impressive piece of craftsmanship.

The bedspreads nicely decorate the inside of the bedroom and make your bed look more inviting. If you have a guest room and have guests visiting, the guest will have a more exclusive experience if the bed is nicely decorated with a bedspread. As a guest, you feel that you have taken your time to clean the room and get it ready for one. And thus you feel more welcome in your home. Now the whole room looks more sleek. A bedspread is the icing on the cake! Both in the bedroom, the guest room and yes, even the children's room. We offer bedspreads in several sizes, so that they can be used both by those who have a single bed and those who have a double bed.

Cotton bedspreads of a slightly thicker quality can be washed at a maximum of 60 degrees. But because they are handwoven, it is recommended to wash them in a gentle wash at 30 degrees, so that you do not risk damaging or changing the structure of the carpet.

We have several different varieties of bedspreads to match exactly what you are looking for. Whether it is a classic striped black and white bedspread or a slightly more colorful bedspread with a different and special pattern. But if you find a rug that speaks to you in particular, then don't wait too long. There are only a few of each! They are each completely unique and express something different.

A small fine detail has been added to each rug, which just makes the rug even more beautiful. On some there are pompoms in the corners of the rug. On others, tassels are woven all the way around the edge on two of the sides of the rug. When the blanket is on the bed, you can see the fine details that hang down the side of the bed. It just adds that extra bit!

The bedspreads are not only beautiful, they are also multifunctional. Some of the slightly lighter bedspreads in finer quality, which are made of pure cotton, can also easily be used as a throw to just take over the sofa or armchair. They are exclusively soft and delicious to the touch and provide a cozy atmosphere when you just need a little warmth while you sit and enjoy yourself on the sofa with the family. Yes, all the bedspreads are actually large enough for several people to sit under them. Place the blanket at the end of your chaise longue or on the armrest of the sofa, so you can always grab it when it's relaxing in the living room.

If you are not into bedspreads that cover the entire bed, you can fold it and place it at the foot of the bed. Here, the bed looks tidy and nice without it covering the entire bed. It gives a different look which is also very decorative.

You will find many different sizes of bedspreads. There are bedspreads for a 90, 120, 140 and 180 cm. bed.