Feather wall decoration juju hat - White with dark brown circles


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Juju hat white with dark brown circles, the size is Medium and it measures between 40-50 cm in diameter

The Juju hat is a personal and eye-catching wall decoration for your home. There is only this one in this design and it is delivered folded in an organic fabric bag with a small fragrance bag included, which can easily be hung on the back of the hat.


You receive your Juju hat in a nice and reusable Tibladin fabric bag. After unfolding the hat, you can appropriately brush the feathers gently with a soft brush. Since Juju hats are made of natural materials - feathers and bast - they can attract moths. The hat therefore comes with a small Tibladin fabric bag filled with fragrant, dried lavender and a wooden ball made of pure cedar wood, which you can hang on the back of your decoration. Both the fabric bag and the contents are made of organic and sustainable material. If the cedar ball loses its scent over time, simply sand it with a little sandpaper and the scent will return. Tibladin also recommends that you spray your Juju hat with an insect spray every two months.

The story behind

A personal interior design is also about surprising. With this decorative Juju hat you can give your walls new life. Each art piece is unique and handmade from woven rattan/bast with real chicken feathers and other bird feathers attached individually.

Juju hats are made in Cameroon in Africa and have become very trendy in the interior design world, where the beautiful decorations adorn the walls of hotels, restaurants and private homes. Originally, these were used by royals in Cameroon as hair ornaments for ceremonies. They represent a follower's ability to reach heaven.

Decorate your walls with a mix of pictures, Juju hats and mirrors and get a lively and personal expression.

It is delivered folded. When you receive it, you tie up the string and unfold the Juju hat. Place it on a nail on the wall.