Floor cushion/pouf in wool – Merzouga


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Filled with a large mounting cushion in 90×90 cm, which fills the pouffe well and makes it soft and delicious to sit on. Makes it easy to remove the cover and clean it.

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Square Moroccan floor cushion/pouf in wool in beautiful peach, pink and purple shades.

A one-of-a-kind pouf – hand-sewn from vintage Azilal rugs.

Bottom in light wool blanket - with a single zip in the middle. Because there is only a zip in the middle, the possibility of filling, if you need it filled from Tibladin, is exclusively wood wool. You can also choose to fill it up yourself with clothes, pillows and blankets.

Measures 60 x 60 x 20

Give your decor a Moroccan touch with a handmade floor cushion/pouf, which can help break clean lines, give you an extra seat around the coffee table and 


If you should be unlucky enough to get a stain on your wool pouf or wool floor cushion, start by vacuuming the stain. The wool is naturally surrounded by lanolin, which forms a protective film on the fibres, so stains have a worse chance of penetrating. If it does not come off with this, you can take a damp cloth and dab on the stain, finally do not rub. Should we be lucky enough to have snow fall on a winter's day, lay out your wool pouf or wool blanket in the newly fallen snow. It is the most effective method to get it cleaned in depth

Floor cushions/poufs from azilal carpets

We have received a lot of floor cushions/wool poufs in different colors and patterns. These floor cushions are hand-stitched from genuine vintage azilal carpets, which is why all the floor cushions are different. The carpets come from the Azilal region in the Moroccan mountains east of Marrakech, where it is usually the women's job to weave the carpets by hand. Originally, the local Berber women did not have a written language, so they wove stories into the rugs, which is why each rug is unique. Azilal rugs are made from 100% wool – sometimes combined with cotton thread.

See our full range of floor cushions made from recycled Azilal and Beni Ouarain carpets here.

Fill your pouf
The best thing is to fill your pouf with a large firm cushion - preferably 90×90 cm, which will fill the entire cushion well. You can easily use things you already have, quilts, pillows, blankets or tightly crumpled newspaper. You can also buy foam granules or cotton filling for your pouf. If you use this kind of stuffing, we recommend that you sew an inner cover or take an old duvet cover and put the stuffing in it before you put it in your pouf.

When purchased additionally, we send it with a mounting pad 90×90 cm.