Moroccan plates 26 cm. black


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Beautiful plate with Moroccan pattern, measures 26 cm in diameter. The plates have a brownish color with a black pattern in relief. You can feel the beautiful black markings when you run your hand over the plate,

Perfect as dinner plates or serving platters.

Available in two different models.

The dishes are hand-turned and hand-painted and there will be small imperfections which give a wonderful charm.


Can be used for food.

As ceramics are slightly more porous than stoneware, we do not recommend a dishwasher for cleaning. To preserve the ceramics for as long as possible, it is best to wash dishes by hand.

The story behind

Safi is a provincial capital and port city in western Morocco, which is very well known for their production of beautiful handmade ceramics, which often shine in many different colors and shades. "Safi" is therefore not a type of pottery, but the name for the place where the pottery is produced. You will often be able to find "Safi" standing under the bottom of pottery from Morocco, as they are such a large producer of it.

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