Organic soap Ambre

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Do you want a trip to Marrakesh?

Our soap AMBRE has a lovely spicy scent that awakens the senses.

8o g.

Can be used on face, body and hands.

Ingredients: Organic coconut oil, organic palm oil, organic olive oil, natural glycerin which occurs during cold-stirred cooking, ginger powder and honey.


80 grams 

Can be used on the face, body and hands and is good for delicate skin.

The story behind

Soaps from L'art du bain which were created in Marrakech in 2004 and have been produced in Nantes in France since 2016. 

Cold-stirred soaps from natural ingredients and apple oils from Morocco, shaped by hand, one by one. A solid bar of soap is a good way to minimize plastic consumption in everyday life.

An artisanal, careful way of preparing soaps which gives a very fine quality. The soaps are made exclusively from natural fine ingredients with respect for the environment. The technique of making cold-mixed soaps means that the soaps retain the natural glycerin in them and the natural oils, which give a more moisturizing soap.