Ladies' slippers – dark olive green


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  • The most beautiful slippers in a dark olive green. Simple, but at the same time adds some color to either a light or dark outfit.
  • These classic babouches slippers are handmade in the softest leather and mold to your feet.
  • Available in many different colors - colors for every season! Choose your favorite.

If necessary, take a size larger than you normally use, as they may well be a little small in size.


As our Barbouche slippers are made entirely of leather, they have a long shelf life and will acquire a natural patina over time. You can choose to give them a coat of leather grease now and then. Be aware that the color may change slightly if exposed to water, as is the case with all leather materials.

Size guide women – approx. Goal:

36 L: 23.2 cm

37  L: 23.8 cm

38  L: 24.3 cm

39  L: 25.1 cm

40  L: 25.4 cm

41  L: 26.3 cm

42 L: 26.5 cm

43 L: 27 cm

The heel must be flush with the edge of the shoe. They will give way because of the soft leather.

The story behind

Babouches are classic Moroccan slippers.

They are handmade in the traditional way in Morocco. All in goat leather, so they feel silky smooth on your feet. With their many different colors and patterns, they can be included in most outfits and add a delicious touch of bohemian to a Scandinavian look. In Morocco, they are used outside as well as inside, and just wait, as soon as you get these nice slippers on your feet, you won't want to wear anything else.