Raffia lamps

Raffia lamps bring nature inside and can soften even the strictest interior design style. By adding raffia lamps to your decor, you very quickly get a more cozy and soft look.

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Showing all 8 results

Further information and inspiration

Raffia lamps can be added to all kinds of decor. They can suit the colorful interior, the strict interior, bohemian style and the Scandinavian natural look.

Some of the Rafia lamps come with a socket and cord, while others come without, so you can add the color cord you want. It may also be that you want a gigantic light bulb in your large pendant lafia lamp. You can create the look you want with the lamp yourself.

You can also find our latest creation, which is a small wall lamp in raffia and black metal. Very refined and simple and provides incredibly cozy lighting.

Raffia lamps are the natural choice if you want cozy and warm lighting.