At Tibladin, we think sustainably throughout the entire supply chain

Moroccan woman weaving

How does Tibladin think sustainably?

It is completely natural for me to think about sustainability in my company, as I also think a lot in my private life about how we can burden the environment as little as possible. I carefully sort my waste, I drive an electric car and I shop organically and sustainably.

When I choose my suppliers, it is important to me that they have a sustainable production, that the materials are natural and as far as possible organic, and that all resources are fully utilized. I look at whether the colors are natural, whether the glaze is non-toxic, etc. Sustainability is many things, and another parameter I select suppliers on is whether they are also socially sustainable. This means that I support local artisans and women's cooperatives, which do a lot to get women to work, so that the standard of living in Moroccan villages improves.

In order to avoid overconsumption, I order goods for home storage in smaller portions and according to demand.

I deliver poufs without filling, as it is more sustainable to fill your pouf with suitable materials you already have, such as clothes you no longer use, winter duvets, pillows or crumpled newspaper.

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