Wall decoration

Wall decoration is an important part of interior design. Decorating your walls requires as much energy as the room itself!

Here at Tibladin, we give you creative solutions for how you can decorate your walls.

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Pamper your walls with unique wall decorations

Decorating your walls deserves just as much energy as decorating the rest of the room. It can be difficult to find the right wall decoration.

At Tibladin, we invite you to break with the often somewhat square look and mix a little with different shapes and materials. We totally have unique feather decorations, which can really soften your walls and create a WOW effect. Handmade mirrors in different shapes and materials are beautiful to decorate your walls with. Mirrors creates a larger sense of space and makes your walls more alive. You can also explore Tibladin's large selection of unique vintage posters from Morocco.

We are always ready to help you with decorating your walls.