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Here you can find our fine selection of leather and fabric slippers for men. Explore the fine selection and find the pairs that best suit your outfits. Soft and delicious and in a myriad of colors and varieties. There is a model for every outfit and they are easy to carry in your bag.

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The story behind

On this page you will find a large selection of Moroccan slippers, also called "babouche", for both men and women. The French word "babouche" describes the flat Moroccan slippers, which are so soft in the leather. An open shoe where the heel flap is turned down. Deeper linguistic and historical research also reveals that the word is Persian in origin, from “Papush”, Persian پاپوش with “pa” referring to “foot”. The Moroccan slippers also have an exciting history. Around the 17th century, the babouche shoe became popular among the French courtiers, possibly because the extremely soft soles and soft leather symbolized a life of leisure, luxury and relaxation. Subsequently, babouche shoes and slippers became associated with nobility, elegance and comfort. These beautiful Moroccan slippers truly live up to this. They are made of quality goat leather that molds to the foot as you use them. Moroccan leather slippers for men and women are perfect both for use inside the home and for a walk on the terrace or in the garden, but also for use outside on a hot summer day or a trip to the beach. Combined with a delicious hammam towel, you really get the feeling of delicious quality and Moroccan comfort.

Moroccan slippers have also had a big impact on the fashion world. In the 1960s, the French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent fell completely in love with Marrakech. In fact, the city became a great source of inspiration for both clothes and shoes for the well-known designer who chose to settle in the city. He created a home that quickly developed into a thriving social hub for the fashion elite, in the heart of Marrakech, and which can still be visited today. It is a pilgrimage of sorts for fashion lovers and architects alike. Yves Saint Laurent is therefore to be thanked for, in his own way, bringing the beautiful Moroccan traditions and designs onto the global fashion scene.

Take a step into Moroccan history and find the slippers that suit you best

Tibladin's Moroccan slippers, also called the babouchen, are carefully selected by collaborators and designers in Marrakech, and are therefore deeply original. They are all dyed with natural colors and all are sewn by hand and the patterns are hand cut in the soft goat leather. They are available both in simple soft leather in a large selection of colours, but are also available with patterns or sequins on them. For men, slippers with a thicker rubber sole are also available, also in delicious goat leather. All these slippers are produced in an authentic environment as they did in the origin of the babouche. For that reason, they are of course also handmade, and you can be sure of a nice and durable quality shoe that can be used both indoors and outdoors.