Boucherouite rugs

These rugs are woven from fabric scraps from clothing and textiles, and the Berber women give them a new life in an artistic rug. All carpets are unique and small works of art in themselves. The hallmark of a Boucherouite rug is that they are colorful and thought provoking. They give a warm and colorful touch to the interior and have become very popular among interior design enthusiasts worldwide. The Boucherouite carpet gets its name from the Moroccan/Arabic word 'bu sherwit', which loosely translated means "pieces of clothing" - a very comprehensive name. All the carpets are made from leftover textiles from clothes, beautiful Moroccan dresses and carpet scraps. This is really a great way of working with recycling. Recycling that becomes art.

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From practical rugs to modern furnishings

It was not long ago that a Boucherouite rug was not given any significant commercial value. Originally, the Berbers in Morocco made and used Boucherouite carpets to lay over the finer and more expensive woolen carpets when eating and the like. In Morocco, carpets are still used as a seating surface during eating and cooking. They are also used to make riding on a horse or mule more comfortable. In the mountains, the Berbers also use the blankets against the winter cold.

The Berbers' need to make carpets that they are not afraid to get dirty, and their ingenuity and need not to let scraps of clothing go to waste, have resulted in some incredibly beautiful and unique carpets. These have gone on to become hugely popular in Western decor. Here, many people use a Boucherouite carpet to give the interior some play of colour, e.g. by the sofa group, where the many colors play nicely together with a single-coloured sofa. They give a unique expression to your decor, and there is certainly no one who has a carpet like it. The Berber women who make the carpets alternate between traditional and self-invented weaving methods. Thus, each Boucherouite carpet becomes unique, each with its own unique pattern and play of colors.

The rugs can be used both as floor rugs and as wall rugs. No matter how you use them, you are sure to get a different piece of art into your home, which gives you a warm and unique expression. You will find many different sizes in this category and the rugs are chosen as you would choose a work of art. Once a rug has spoken to your feelings, it adds value to your home and the size of the rug becomes less important.