At Tibladin you will find handmade and completely unique Moroccan tables such as tray tables, coffee tables and side tables. The tables have been developed in collaboration with small artisans and designers in Marrakech and are a fine mix of Scandinavian design and Moroccan craftsmanship.

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Showing all 4 results

Handmade tables in true Moroccan style

The Moroccan tray table is antique and incredibly beautiful. The plate is made of aluminum and has fine markings and patterns. It is large and invites the whole family to gather around it. The table is incredibly beautiful as a coffee table and will also be beautiful in a conservatory/orangery. The antique tabletop provides a beautiful play up to a more streamlined Scandinavian sofa. You can also put some leather pouffes around, so that you have seating all around the table.

In this category there are many Moroccan coffee tables and Moroccan side tables. For example, we have the beautiful brass tables. The table top is a wooden plate that is coated with brass, where patterns have been beaten out by hand. The plate patinas beautifully over time and gives a unique touch to your decor. The Moroccan coffee table is available in two sizes, which are designed so that the small table can just fit under the large one, so that they can stand together in beautiful harmony or can easily be used separately. The tables can also be used in a corner of the living room with a beautiful Moroccan lamp above.

If you want a completely unique Moroccan side table or bedside table, then look at this hexagonal table in wood and legs. The table has a beautiful pattern made of walnut wood and cowhide. The two materials play off each other incredibly beautifully and give a unique table that has not been seen anywhere before. The core of the table itself is hollow, to make the table a little easier to move around than if it were a solid wooden core. The Moroccan side table is incredibly beautiful in a corner of the living room, for a chair or as a bedside table for your bed

You will find Moroccan wooden tables made from old Moroccan doors. I have a great fondness for old doors and have had these unique tables made. There is only 1 copy and you get a table with lots of history and soul. They are available in three different sizes and heights that fit together and can be staggered under each other or they can be used separately.

There will always be new unique creations and often there is only 1 table of each, so you can get a completely unique interior and a table that will arouse envy.

WARM HUG is a very special creation of a side table where we have played with the embrace of two materials: brass and walnut wood. These two materials complement each other very well and brass makes the warm color of the walnut wood come out beautifully.

Which coffee table should I choose?

When you have to find the right coffee table, there are several things to consider. First of all, you have to settle with yourself what the table will be used for. Should it be a large table where many people can gather around and should there be space for coffee to be set up for several? Should it be a low or a high coffee table? do you want flexibility by having several coffee tables in several heights that you can move around a bit and adjust to where you sit? Next, there are considerations about which materials and colors you want. I would recommend that you choose a more neutral sofa and then play a little more with the coffee tables, which can provide some contrast to the sofa. You can do the same with the cushions in your sofa, here they must also give some personality and warmth. If you choose wooden tables, you get a natural and warm look into your decor, and if you choose a brass or silver look, you get a light oriental look that often harmonizes and gives some warmth to the otherwise very streamlined Scandinavian style.