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Do you need a little color this spring?

At Tibladin, we have just received new pillows. Handmade cushions in the stunningly beautiful cactus silk.

You will find cushions in 50×50 cm and now also in an elongated shape 40×60 cm. The cushions are available in all the colors of the rainbow, so there is a good chance that you will find just the cushion that will suit your decor.

The cushions have beautiful hand-embroidered patterns that give an exclusive look.

What exactly is cactus silk? In Morocco, silk is spun from the agave plant. In Morocco, cactus silk is also called Sabra. To get the fibers from the agave plant, you crush the leaves and remove all the green from the plant to get the white fibers. This is a 100 % vegetable silk which has a slightly shiny appearance. The fibers are then dyed with 100 % vegetable dyes. Cactus silk has the advantage that it is quite elastic and does not curl.

In Morocco, Sabra/cactus silk is used in many types of textile products. The most popular are these beautiful pillows. Explore the beautiful cushions here.

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Welcome to Tibladin

Passion for Moroccan craftsmanship

I created Tibladin.dk based on my passion for Moroccan craftsmanship. I have been traveling in Morocco for the past 20 years and have been very interested in Moroccan culture and craftsmanship from the start. I have always had a sense of interior design and love to surround myself with unique things that create a more personal interior design.

I want to bring you a piece of Morocco based on my interpretation, and I find and develop products with a fine Moroccan expression, but which go well with the Scandinavian decor.

I am married to a French/Moroccan man and we have a large network in Morocco, which gives me optimal working conditions. I carefully select my suppliers and business partners. Good quality and sustainability – in both materials, production and social economy – are very important parameters for me.

When you shop at Tibladin, you support Tibladin's social economic initiatives in Morocco. The help for the small craftsman and for working women! By purchasing Tibladin's products, you make a difference.

'Tibladin' is a Berber word and means small flat stones. Tibladin called my in-laws my husband's childhood home. For me, it symbolizes the first building blocks of my business.

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