Berber rugs

Moroccan Berber carpets made of wool also called 'Boujad carpets' are handwoven by Berber tribes in the Atlas Mountains many decades ago. The rugs are therefore vintage and all unique! You won't find two alike. At Tibladin you will find a large selection of colorful unique carpets, so maybe there is one that suits your taste?

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Showing all 3 results

Berber rugs are world-renowned for their beauty and ethnic touch. The blankets were invented by Berber tribes many years ago to keep them warm during the winter. They traveled in the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara desert and in the tropical forests of Morocco. So it was in order not to freeze that they started weaving these carpets, which are named after them today. After this, the carpets became a way of preserving a tribe's heritage by leaving signs/traces through the Berber characters woven into the carpets. Therefore, there are different Berber signs on each carpet. These Berber signs are not only beautiful design patterns but very important for the preservation of the history of the Berber tribes.

Handwoven with love

Berber carpets have become increasingly popular throughout history, and artisans are beginning to introduce their own Berber-inspired patterns. Production is a long process as they have always been made by hand, which is still the case today. This kind of fabrication is an important characteristic of these rustic and unique Berber rugs.

Berber carpets are made by skilled Berber men who live a special way of life, namely that of the nomadic tribes. The Berbers define themselves as Imazighen, which in their language Tamazight means free and noble men. In the singular, the Berber is called an Amazigh. Several tribes in the Atlas region are united under this designation. But not only the men manufacture these carpets. The women are responsible for the weaving. They are woven from sheep's wool of the finest quality, which gives the carpets the soft, velvety and warm texture that also allows the Berber tribes to sit on the floor on the carpets. The use of vegetable colors allows the Berbers to produce lively and colorful carpets in beautiful patterns. The basic manufacturing process includes preparation of the wool (washing, shearing), laying out threads on the loom and the weaving itself, which consists of tying/knotting each individual wool thread one by one. The rug is then washed to give the final touch.

Carpets that match your home decor!

There are different types of Berber carpets, e.g. Beni Ouarain, Boucharouite also these Boujad rugs. Over recent years, Berber carpets have spread from Morocco abroad. They are now world famous and a huge hit! They fit perfectly into any room. Whether it's in the middle of the living room, in the bedroom, in the children's room, in the bathroom, in the hallway, by the sofa arrangement or in the office. Some of the rugs have a bit more pop of colour, others have neutral, dark or pastel colours. Both pattern, shape, size and color vary greatly from carpet to carpet. The charm of the authentic Berber rugs is that there is only one of each, each of which tells its own unique story and has its own expression.