An ordinary wooden stool in the home can quickly become boring to look at, as it often does not have any special, fine details that make it beautiful to look at and have standing in the home. But you certainly can't call our unique Moroccan stools boring. They are all different and give each their own charming expression, so there is a stool for every taste.

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Showing all 10 results

Beautiful stools that suit any decor

Stools are easy to add to the decor. I would say that almost all of Tibladin's stools fit into any decor no matter what style of decor you have. Our stools add warmth, coziness and boho vibes to your home. The great thing about stools is that you can use them in numerous ways. Read on below to find out all the options you have with your stool.

One's stool can be used just where you think it fits. It can be in the children's room, in the bathroom to stack a stack of towels on, in the entrance/utility set for when you have to put on shoes, in the living room for decoration, etc. You can put a nice plant or some books on the stool or you can of course also just use it as a decorative element in your decor. The stools spread a cozy and warm atmosphere, and it is therefore only the imagination that sets limits on how you want to use your stool.

Rattan is a popular material for the production of furniture, as it provides a cozy atmosphere in the home. The natural material that comes from exotic plants is very durable and flexible and lasts an incredibly long time. Tibladin offers 2 different types of stool made of rattan. This stool is available in black and a feminine "bubblegum pink/pink". The stools are very cute and decorate the home nicely. The type of rattan used for this stool is called cannage rattan. The word cannage comes from French and means wickerwork. Look at the fine pattern in the seat on the stool! The second rattan stool is handmade by women from a women's cooperative I collaborate with south of Marrakesh. They are 160 cool women and among several other of my products, they have made this fine stool with a round comfortable seat. You'll never guess what the seat is made of! It is actually a smaller moped tire with a rattan cover on top. It is simply what you call recycling at the highest level. You can even remove the cover if you think it needs to be cleaned/washed. Think that the talented women in the women's cooperative have been so creative that they have used an old tire from a moped to create this beautiful stool. It gives a cozy boho atmosphere and fits perfectly into the Scandinavian decor.

In the same category of slightly smaller stools, we also have this nice case. The seat is woven from thick strips of light brown leather. It provides an exclusive warmth in your interior.

The stools can easily be used as a small table. Place a nice plate with a delicious cake and a cup of coffee on the stool and enjoy your afternoon snack. Here a small stool will be appropriate. See e.g. this stool in a fine green and gray braided pattern. If you love this cord braided look, see this similar stool in a larger size. The cord braided work consists of neutral colors (brown and beige) and then it just has a cobalt blue stripe in the middle which just adds a little color to the stool. Another one of our slightly larger stools: this simple but beautiful stool, which has a very stylish look. Bench is hand-woven from a natural material, namely raffia. Rafia is a palm genus of approx. 20 different species of palms, including found in Madagascar. The raffia material gives the bench an exotic and warm look. It makes a huge difference to the look of the bench that the seat is braided with raffia than if it had been a simple wooden bench with a wooden seat. The raffia seat is also more comfortable to sit on than a wooden seat. If you are not afraid of adding some color and sequins to your decor, this stool/pouf might be something for you. Let this large Moroccan pouf bring you to Morocco. There's a splash in this pouf. It just radiates with joy and life and gives a deliciously warm and cozy Moroccan atmosphere in the home. The pouffe is handmade from kilim rugs by a designer I collaborate with in Morocco. The pouffe is therefore completely unique, and I can promise you that you will not find it anywhere else! It has many beautiful details such as sequins, fringes and the fine pattern in the center of the puff. In addition, it has white and dark red stripes. It is delicious to sit on, so it works well as a pouf for the living room as part of the sofa arrangement or by itself in a place in the house that just needs a fresh breath of something unique and special. An alternative is to use it as a table to set a dish with whatever you are serving. Your guests would have a wow reaction when they see this gorgeous boho pouf in your home, that's for sure. It is undoubtedly a feast for the eyes. I personally enjoy looking at this pouf.