Woolen rugs

If you need a brand new carpet for your living room, our wool carpets are probably exactly what you are looking for. Our wool rugs, which are handwoven by women from a women's cooperative south of Marrakech, are made in a more Scandinavian design, and therefore fit perfectly into the Danish living room. The cotton rugs are made from 100% organic wool and give a warm and cozy atmosphere to any room you use them in.

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Showing all 2 results

Why choose a wool rug from Tibladin?

Delicious organic wool from the Atlas Mountains is used to weave the beautiful wool carpets from Tibladin. They are handwoven in a women's cooperative south of Marrakesh. Experiments are carried out with different weaving types, which give the carpet a 3-dimensional effect and leave an elegant expression. light and gray shades characterize the carpet and make it very useful in most Scandinavian homes. You get a high-quality wool rug that you can have for the rest of your life.

The delicious wool carpets give the various weaving techniques a zone therapy effect when you walk on them with bare feet. It really is a wonderful sensory experience and the small balls easily massage your feet.

Where can I use a wool blanket?

The wool rugs from Tibladin are the perfect size for a sofa corner or under the dining table. It will also be super nice and really come into its own if it is placed in the middle of a room in the bedroom, or the children's room or the large open kitchen/living room. If you have a large bare wall, possibly a hall with a high ceiling, where you have poor acoustics, then you can hang the carpet on the wall with great advantage. It will have a very sculptural and artistic effect, create a WOW effect in the room and give a nice calm as the acoustics will be much better.

Is a wool rug delicate?

It looks delicious, warm and cuddly, as it lies there, decorating under the dining table! But is it practical, you think? Isn't a bright wool rug delicate? What if you waste it?

I have to admit I thought the same before we got a bright woolen rug under the dining table. But my thoughts have been put to shame. We are so happy about it and yes I have wasted a lot! Turmeric chicken, red wine and coffee are just some of the things that have made it onto the carpet.

The absolutely amazing thing about wool is that it naturally has a natural fat layer on the fibers called lanolin. It avoids stains and means that the stain simply sits on the surface without sinking into the carpet. A hard-wrung cloth and dab the stain, well, it's gone. When it's winter, I take the blanket and clean all the way down in the snow. This is the most gentle method to preserve the carpet's natural lanolin.

In fact, I would say that a wool rug is the easiest to maintain and the one that stays the nicest for many, many years.

How do I choose the right carpet?

At Tibladin, we are always ready to provide expert advice for your interior design. Through conversation and pictures, we will be able to guide you to which carpet will be the right choice for you.

If you order the blanket and it still doesn't quite fit, don't worry. At Tibladin you have the right of return and can easily send the rug back and get another rug sent or your money back.

If you want some tips on how to choose the right carpet for your interior, you can read Tibladin's blog post: "How to choose the right carpet for your home" here

If you have fallen in love with Tibladin's wool rugs, but the dimensions do not fit where you need them, then with this type of rugs you can order them to measure. However, with the reservation that it will not be precise standard measurements, but +/- a few cm. After all, they are hand-woven and not factory-made. If you want a carpet made to measure, contact Tibladin at info@tibladin.dk and we will find the perfect one for you.