Lounge chairs indoors

At Tibladin you can find a delicious selection of beautiful indoor lounge chairs made of leather, which are super comfortable to sit in, and really stylish, so they fit perfectly into the Scandinavian decor. You can find ours beautiful indoor lounge chair in walnut wood with a seat of leather braid, ours delicious bean bag chair in cognac colored leather or that large BOHO pouf. Indoor lounge chair fits perfectly into the living room, bedroom or even the office.

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Showing all 2 results

Stylish lounge chairs for indoor use

You don't have to look much further if you are looking for a stylish indoor lounge chair that fits perfectly into the living room, bedroom or office. At Tibladin, we have beautiful lounge chairs for indoor use, which are simple, look good and fit perfectly into the Scandinavian decor, so you don't have to worry that your decor will look out of place. If you have a cozy reading corner, it can only get better with one of our lounge chairs, which are handmade in Morocco. 


When it comes to maintenance, there is not much to take into account. All our indoor lounge chairs made of leather have been oiled, and can therefore last for a very long time, without any extra effort, but of course more oil can be used as needed. If they end up getting a little dirty, all you need is a slightly damp cloth to clean them. The large BOHO pouf is not made of leather, and therefore the same conditions do not apply. The BOHO pouf is made from Berber kilim carpets, and must therefore be maintained by vacuuming regularly.

Moroccan lifestyle and design

One of the best things about our Moroccan products is the unique style and exotic expression that you get right into the interior design. Just because it's exotic doesn't mean it can't fit into simple Scandinavian decor. Our simple indoor lounge chairs can be bought together with some of our delicious Moroccan rugs, so you even get a whole set for your home decor. You don't have to worry about it not going to match, as the exotic can easily go with the simple. This also means that you will easily be able to blend other of our Moroccan products into your living room, your bedroom, bathroom, entrance hall, and yes, any room in your home that you can find. So why not create a nice unique decor in your home that is guaranteed to make family and friends just a little bit envious?