Cotton rugs

The Moroccan cotton rugs from Tibladin are made in collaboration with a designer from Marrakech. We have combined the Scandinavian minimalist style with a few elements of Moroccan style and handwoven according to traditional Moroccan methods. The rugs give your interior an exotic look, but at the same time go really well with the Scandinavian style. Some of the rugs have fringes on both sides, while others are completely plain. However, the beautiful patterns and muted colors are common.

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Showing all 3 results

Moroccan cotton rugs with a more Scandinavian style

I love Moroccan rugs! They come in so many beautiful varieties, and they are perfect for framing your interior, creating small environments, giving the interior an exotic touch, improving the acoustics in your room and warming your feet. Once you've tried decorating with carpets, you'll never go back! There is nothing that gives more coziness to your home than Moroccan rugs. 

This design is completely unique. We keep our designs in-house, so it's not something that gets out in Morocco or anywhere else. When you buy a designer cotton rug from Tibladin, you are sure that you have something that not everyone else has. You are unique and so is your decor.

The cotton carpets for the floor, for the wall, in the living room, in the hallway, in the bedroom, in the kitchen or in the bathroom. The unique cotton rugs can easily be added to your home and spread lots of coziness. For maintenance, it is recommended to have the carpets cleaned and not to wash them in the machine. Even though it's cotton, the rugs stay nicer by going to the dry cleaners, also to preserve the woven patterns and the fringes well.

Genuine Marrakech carpets, which are completely unique. Try possibly to put next to your bed so that you step on something soft when you wake up. Place a non-slip mat under the rugs so they don't slip.

If you miss something on the walls, these carpets are incredibly beautiful to hang on the wall. You can even drive a steel rod into the cover of the carpet and hang it directly on the wall, so you can enjoy the carpet's full length and design. This provides a beautiful decoration and breaks a little with pictures on the walls. It also provides better acoustics in your home if you use carpets in your home, both on floors and walls. A beautiful decoration.

These rugs give me real Moroccan riad vibes and are truly some of my absolute favorite designs. At Tibladin, you can always come to the store and borrow a rug to take home and see how it fits in your home.