couscous served

Recipe for Moroccan couscous

  Served in a couscous dish. Start by making a pyramid of the couscous and form a hole in the middle. In the middle you put the meat and a little moisture. Decorate around the edges of the pyramid with the vegetables and finally the sausages. You can put the caramelized ones on top when you have served a good portion on the plate. Server […]

Mardi Gras buns

Moroccan Mardi Gras buns a la semlor with rose and almonds

When Morocco meets Denmark in flavors and traditions I've probably mentioned it before :-) But I love Mardi Gras buns. However, I think you can easily get tired of the very traditional Mardi Gras buns. I have developed a recipe that will give you an exotic and soft taste of Morocco. This recipe smells and tastes of [...]
Moroccan Shrovetide buns_recipe

Moroccan Mardi Gras buns with orange blossom and saffron

I love Mardi Gras buns, and Christmas is barely over before I start looking forward to baking Mardi Gras buns. It is a firm tradition with home-baked Mardi Gras buns at our house. My birthday is February 12 myself, so Mardi Gras buns are also a regular part of the birthday table. This year I wanted to develop my own [...]
clean your carpets in the snow

How to clean your wool carpet in the snow

When the snow hits Denmark, I get busy. The whole body tingles to get all kinds of wool carpets, Berber carpets and Beni Ouarain carpets in the home out to be cleaned in the snow... Yes, you read that right! You can clean your woolen rugs in the snow. In fact, this is the most effective way to deep clean [...]
camel with a boucherouite blanket on it

The history and culture of Moroccan rugs

Since the dawn of time, animal fur has been used as blankets to warm our feet and protect them from the cold floor. Besides its functional benefit, a rug can have great value and a lot of history in it. Take e.g. what is said to be the world's oldest carpet called the Pazyryk carpet, which was discovered in the Pazyryk valley in [...]
How to choose the right carpet

How to choose the perfect carpet for your home

How to choose the right carpet for your home Carpets create cosiness, are good for acoustics, warm the feet and can help create a frame in a room, but how do you choose just the right carpet for your home? Finding a rug for your home can be an equally difficult [...]
Moroccan handmade table lamp in silver metal with circle pattern, lit in the dark

How do I get the right lighting?

Lighting is an important part of interior design and for many is also an element that is extremely difficult to get right, because if you have incorrect lighting that does not suit the room, there will be things in your everyday life that do not work optimally. Here I will come up with some ideas for how you [...]
Juju hat in white

The History of the Juju Hat

A feathery breath for your decor For me, creating a warm and personal home is largely about surrounding yourself with original and preferably slightly quirky things that surprise your guests when they walk in the door. Tibladin is therefore driven by a bubbling enthusiasm to find the right [...]
Moroccan beldi glass

Beldi glass – a tribute to traditional artwork

Moroccan glasses full of personality Tibladin's handmade Beldi glasses have long since moved into the cabin at home. The teapot holders are well placed on the dining table and coffee table, while my family and I use both glasses, bowls and jugs on a daily basis. I especially love our Beldi series in green. It is the most beautiful light green color that gives associations to fresh mint leaves [...]
beni Ouarain rugs

Are Beni Ouarain rugs delicate?

How to clean and maintain them? Are the bright Beni Ouarain rugs delicate? I often get the question: isn't it incredibly delicate to have such a bright carpet - after all, I have a dog and children? I had those thoughts myself. I had vowed for many years that we should have a white Beni Ouarain carpet. I could [...]
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