Mirrors give your walls personality and add depth to any room. In recent years, it has become popular to use them more as part of the decor, especially unique mirrors or mirrors in different sizes and shapes. Moroccan mirrors are very unique and beautiful, adding life and edge to your home. Here at Tibladin you will find a large selection of beautiful, handmade mirrors with both gold and silver colored edges in metal, frames in rose gold, and unique designs in rattan. They are all developed and produced in Morocco. It is only the imagination and expression you want in your home that sets limits on how you can use Moroccan mirrors in your home.

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Showing 1–12 of 19 results

Handmade with love in Morocco

Handmade in Morocco and is therefore very special. As the mirrors are handmade, there may also be slight variations, but that is just part of the charm. The mirrors you find at Tibladin are all made and produced in collaboration with designers in Morocco, and you will therefore not find them anywhere else. They are available with both wide and thin edges in metal, and in a large selection of shapes and sizes, from square, drop-shaped and round, to half-moon shapes and ovals. Among other things, the mirrors have edges that are shaped and beaten out by hand, which gives a nice, authentic look.

The Moroccan mirrors are perfect as wall decorations in any room. The simple but fine expression, either a mirror with a gold border, a mirror with a silver frame or a rose gold mirror, adds a light and elegant touch to the interior and can function both as a decoration and as a mirror that is used, for example, in the entrance hall or the bathroom. Mirrors can also bring light, air and a feeling of space and openness to a room, as they reflect the room's depth and colors really nicely. These handmade mirrors from Morocco are therefore perfect as part of the decor, and can easily be combined across sizes, shapes, colors and materials for a fine bohemian and stylish expression.

Perfect as a gift

Handmade Moroccan mirrors are also the perfect gift idea – either as a hostess gift or a birthday present for the decorator or fashion-conscious person in your life. You will find both mirrors with gold edges and silver edges, and mirrors in a large selection of shapes and sizes - so there is something for every taste.

You will find Moroccan mirrors in many different shapes and sizes in gold, silver or rose gold metal here at the shop. All the mirrors are handmade by local Moroccan artisans. Make your own mirror wall with different shapes and sizes. Break with the tradition of hanging one large mirror, but use several mirrors at different heights and experience the difference it makes to your decor, but also to your use experience.

There are round mirrors with thin and wide edges, rectangular, moon mirrors, square mirrors, eye-shaped mirrors and Fatima's hand mirror. There are countless possibilities to find exactly the combination that suits you! Are you into gold or silver? Or should it be rose gold? At Tibladin we have a large selection.

If you want a 1001 night bohemian style, try the popular moon mirrors, or eye-shaped mirrors or Fatima's hand mirror, they give a dreamy interior and lots of atmosphere to your walls.

Go looking in Tibladin's interior design universe and get inspiration for your home, your style and your interior design!