Feather decoration

How about giving your wall a fourth decoration, and thus giving the whole room a little twist with a slightly unconventional wall decoration, which Juju hat.

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Untraditional, but nice wall decoration

The Juju hat is a beautiful, exotic and quite whimsical featherecoration for wall.  In recent years, the hat has become a popular furnishing piece in hotels, as well as cafes & restaurants, but it has also gained traction in the modern, Scandinavian home. This is particularly due to its delicate and edgy, yet classic design, which makes it ideal for both glam, minimalist and Scandinavian interiors.

Maybe you know it. We go to great lengths to find the right sofa – suitably soft and in just the right shade of camel with a hint of mustard yellow. We like to look for months for the perfect dining table in rustic reclaimed wood or trendy marble, as well as the equally perfect chairs with the comfortable backrest at a suitable height.

But what about your wall?

Our walls are often an overlooked part of the interior design. We don't always think about how much of a difference a wall decoration can make. Or we simply forget to explore the many possibilities that actually exist for creating different and unique wall decorations. We can have many ambitions about how our walls should be filled in a personal way, but perhaps without really knowing what speaks to you the most. For that reason, we usually end up resorting to what's trending right now and here.

There is too many considerations  to deal with wall decorations - and your interior design in general. It is of course important to point out that interior design, including wall decoration, is a matter of taste, and that we therefore do not come up with any definition of good style. But if you want to become a little wiser about your own taste, then it is always a good starting point to think about what atmosphere you want to create in your home?

As a wall decoration, a Juju hat decorates in the most beautiful way and can easily be combined with other wall decorations such as mirrors and posters. By choosing wall decorations that are dominated by round shapes, your wall decoration will also be more "soft" than if you only decorate with square shapes. Here, a Juju hat is just a nice way to get the round shapes up on the wall.

Like many other African cultures, the Bamileke people have been through German colonization in the late 1900s, as well as violent and domineering French and British occupation in the early 20th century. But although the many years of struggle for independence have undeniably left their mark on the African people and their culture, many of the traditions of the Bamileke people are well intact and are passed on from generation to generation as a beautiful source of cultural identity and historical pride.

The combination of strength, grace, prosperity and festivity can be said to define royal ceremonies, including those of the Bamileke people. This amalgamation of superlatives is expressed, among other things, in their "feather king's crown". As with the majority of Bamilke art, the Juju hat is created specifically for use at royal parties or ceremonies, where it is worn by the royals, and often together with an animal mask, where elephant and leopard masks are reserved for the king and certain members of the tribe.

Today it is still uncertain where the name juju actually originates from. After the word popped up at the end of the 18th century, it quickly became a favorite expression among Europeans when they referred to West African religions and their healers, who were precisely called juju men. It is possibly this definition of the word passed on to the juju hat of the Bamileke people.

The two most well-oiled theories, purely etymologically, imply that juju is either a derivation of the word djudju used by the Hausa people of northern Nigeria to denote an evil spirit, or derived from the French joujou, which means toy. Over the years, the word has become more well-versed and is today, among other things, the name of a cigarette brand and the definition of a Nigerian music genre.