Moroccan lamps

At Tibladin you can buy the most beautiful Moroccan lamps for your home. You can find inspiration in Tibladin's large selection of Moroccan lamps.

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Showing 1–12 of 20 results

Large selection of Moroccan lamps

You will find both lamps in raffia / basketweave, which gives a nice warm expression and a true bohemian atmosphere to your interior design. If you want a lot of light, choose those with a large braid so that the light penetrates better, and if you want a more subdued lighting, choose those with a denser braid. Curve lamps create warmth and coziness and provide really good lighting. Raffia and wicker has again come to the fore in Scandinavian interior design. We see how, in Scandinavian interior design, we need to invite nature inside, and how this material softens the hardness that a more streamlined interior design can provide. Just a mix of natural materials, curve lamps and raffia provides warmth and softness in your home, and creates the coziness we often seek.

You will also find the more oriental lamps in gold and silver metal for a more oriental chic style, which gives you a touch of oriental golden splendor and mystery. These lamps are characterized by the beautiful handmade patterns in the lamps, which let the light through and thereby create a magical atmosphere in the room. These lamps are really something that gets noticed in the interior, as they manage to create a very special and exclusive look that you don't get with any other lamps. You can find Moroccan table lamps or pendant lamps, all developed and handcrafted in Morocco by the loving hands of skilled artisans. The goods are of high quality and only the best materials are used to create lamps that can live a long time and spread a unique atmosphere in your home.

Get the right lighting

Lighting is one of the most important things in our interior design, but also one of the most difficult. When the right lighting is chosen for the home, the rest of the interior design falls into place. It is important to consider all types of lighting in your home. Practical lighting is lighting that, for example, gives you light by the bathroom mirror. This lighting must be strong so that you can see clearly in the mirror, but it can also seem a bit cold and harsh, and this is where the more atmospheric lighting comes into the picture. Moroccan lamps in raffia and basketweave gives a very soft and warm atmosphere in the room. Hang the lamp in a corner or on the ceiling and feel how the wicker material softens the hardness from the powerful lighting. Raffia and wicker provides a bohemian, rural, nature-inspired decor. For the more exclusive, hammam, oriental chic decor, you can choose the Moroccan lamps gold and silver metal. Experience how your room is transformed by the beautiful patterns and shadows these lamps cast on the walls of the room, and get a feeling of a thousand and one nights. For example, if you have decorated your bathroom with these lamps, you immediately feel drawn to a hammam and wellness atmosphere, and if you decorate your living room with these, you will discover that when evening falls, these are the only lamps you want to have on. They spread an absolutely fantastic atmosphere and calmness. With Moroccan table lamps, you can quickly create this atmosphere without a major installation. They are easy to add to your decor and can also be moved around the house more easily. Over time, brass and gold and silver metal acquire a little patina, which only makes them even more beautiful. If you want your lamp more shiny, you can polish it with half a lemon, which you rub against the lamp. Then wipe well with a damp cloth and let it dry and see how it shines again. Some lamps are supplied with cord and socket just to install in your home, while others are sold as lampshades, so you can decide for yourself which color cord you want and whether you want a large or small socket. Explore Tibladin's vast universe Moroccan lamps.

When spring sprouts and we use our terrace more, there is nothing more atmospheric than decorating the terrace with Moroccan lamps. Either in the natural, warm style with Moroccan raffia lamps, or those Moroccan metal lamps with beautiful patterns. You will experience your terrace and garden being transformed. Turn them on when it gets dark and see how the terrace and garden open up and make your home seem bigger.

Fits perfectly into the Scandinavian living room

We get the most interesting interior design when we mix styles. The Moroccan style softens and gives life to the more stylish and minimalist Scandinavian decor. That's why these two styles go so well together. If you want a personal and unique home, all you have to do is furnish it Moroccan lamps. You can always call Tibladin and get good advice and guidance on which lamps will suit your room perfectly.