Are your walls empty and you think they lack some decoration to spice up your decor? Tibladin can help with that. We have several different wall decorations that can decorate your home, e.g. our posters. At Tibladin you can find a large selection of different posters and works of art, which are a unique idea for your wall decoration. See the large selection of Moroccan-inspired works of art from both Moroccan and other artists.

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Posters on the walls can make a home go from looking dull, cold and expressionless to looking warm, inviting, exciting and lively. Therefore, I think wall decorations are an important element in creating a cozy home.

Tibladin offers a lot of different varieties of Moroccan vintage posters, all of which are completely unique and made in Marrakech. Each poster has its own expression and tells its own story. Personally, I think you can sense the mood and the situation in the picture when you look at them. With these posters hanging, you bring a bit of Morocco and its warmth into the home. Dream of going to Morocco!

There is a poster for every taste. Whether you love colorful and lively posters or prefer simple, calm posters in neutral earth tones. Some of the posters show a picture of a certain city in Morocco (see e.g. this one with Fez), others show some Moroccan residents (see e.g. this poster with two old friends). 

Something that Morocco is particularly well known for is their beautiful craftsmanship. When you walk around Morocco, it is impossible not to come across the beautiful, iconic Moroccan doors, which are completely different from the doors here in Denmark. They are known for their detailed carvings and patterns. The doors have a beautiful shape, they are typically round at the top, they are also attractive in color and have an antique look. If you are as crazy about Moroccan doors as I am, then just look at these posters, showing several different Moroccan doors.

Our posters from Choof in 100 % recycled paper and in a beautiful triangular box in a mix of art deco and retro are incredibly modern and fit perfectly into the Scandinavian home. The design of the posters differs in terms of style from the vintage posters, as the design is more modern and clean with a touch of the Nordic style. At the same time, a piece of Morocco is brought into your home. The posters radiate joy and burst with color and good energy. The posters add color and a Moroccan atmosphere to your home. They make you happy to look at them, and they fit perfectly in every room in the home. Whether it is the children's room, the bedroom, the living room, the bathroom or a completely different place in the house! Mix and match with other wall decorations it could be, for example mirrors, a beautiful fourth decoration or our vintage posters. The fact that you have different stylistic elements in your home gives dynamism to the interior design and makes the home less uniform and boring. With a nice and elegant appearance, these posters will certainly help to decorate your interior and give it a little life, color and joy.

If you think your home lacks something warm and exotic, Tibladin's posters are perfect as they bring a bit of Moroccan culture into the Scandinavian decor.

We have posters in all sizes 30×40 CM, 40×60 CM, 50×70 CM and some very small posters in it 24.5×35 CM.