At Tibladin you can always find a unique selection of furniture and interiors for your home. If you are looking for new furniture for your home, Tibladin can offer you furniture that is unique and where the design is both inspired by Moroccan/Scandinavian design. You can, for example, buy tables, poof and stools, where there is something for every taste. You can find both poof in wool and leather as well stools and tables, so just sit back and enjoy.

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Real Moroccan design and lifestyle

In Morocco, there is a proud tradition of poufs and hence the well-known Morocco pillow. The traditional pouf is made of goat leather, as this gives a very soft and flexible pouf. The pouffe is made with extra strong stitching so that it can last for many years of use.

Here at the shop you can also find delicious poufs in 100 % wool and small stools in wicker and rattan as well small coffee tables. All this is easy to add to your interior design and gives an exclusive and unique look. You can find your style and then find what suits you and your interior design.

There are plenty of options to customize and decorate with unique interiors. Tibladin's interiors and their designs are for quality-conscious people who love to stand out with a unique interior design. All our furniture is handmade and produced in Morocco. All the furniture is of high quality.

Designed in collaboration with local and small artisans. Designed to unite Scandinavian and Moroccan design. No mass production, only unique designs with respect for the artisanal Moroccan traditions, all produced in a sustainable way and supporting various women's cooperatives in Morocco.