Beldi glass

Moroccan Beldi glass consists of 100% recycled glass. The handmade glasses are assembled in Marrakech, remelted and mouth blown into unique and aesthetic glasses - perfect for expressing personality in your table setting.

At Tibladin you will find a large selection of interiors made in the beautiful Beldi glass - right from drinking glass, wine glass and bowls, to vases, jugs and tealight holders. One beautiful Moroccan vase in Beldi glass is, for example, perfect for table setting on the dining table or coffee table, where you can display a nice bouquet of flowers or branches. The vase, like the smaller Beldi glasses, is also handmade and mouth-blown, which means that it also has the characteristic air bubbles and the delicate, personal look. It gives Beldi the vase an expression of aesthetics and personality.

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Showing 1–12 of 18 results

Beldi glass is recycled glass that exudes aesthetics

Beldi glass is recycled glass. This can be seen in the thickness, the colour, the sizes, the different amounts of nicks (small irregularities) and air bubbles on the hand-made, aesthetic glasses, which come from the mouth-blowing process. Each piece of interior therefore exudes personality.

It is a craft that has existed for several generations, and all Beldi glasses are hand-made and hand-blown with great care, which ensures the best quality. The green water glasses are a unique service for a beautiful and personal table setting.

Green water glasses for a nice table setting

The color of Beldi glass comes from the older Moroccan glass that is reused in the creation of Moroccan Beldi glass and vases. With the influence of nature, the recycled glass has taken on the fantastic green color you see in, among other things, the aesthetic green water glasses. Beldi the glasses, vases and bowls is also available in a beautiful transparent colour, which when exposed to the light can also appear faintly turquoise, and this gives a light and simple expression. The personal, handmade glasses are a perfect gift idea or good for a natural table setting.

Moroccan interior with unique Beldi glass

With interiors in Beldi glass, you can create a completely unique Moroccan atmosphere in the home and in the table settings. It doesn't matter if you use the Beldi glasses, the bowls or the pitchers as tableware, or whether you use the fine Beldi tealight holders or vases as decorative objects and interiors around the home.

Recycled glass plays wonderfully with the light outside and gives more life to your table setting than glass that is not made from recycled glass. The green water glasses are a fantastic gift idea that will bring joy to the recipient.

Functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand with Beldi glass

The round circle/edge of the Beldi glass helps to ensure that the glass does not become uncomfortable to hold when it is used to enjoy hot drinks in the form of tea or coffee. If you like cold drinks, you can also enjoy a glass of delicious traditional Moroccan iced tea made with mint. The handmade glasses are a perfect piece of service that are good for many drinks.

The rounding of the Beldi glass also creates a comfortable and practical grip around the glass, which makes it easy to hold and creates a natural and functional shape. Most of the Beldi glasses can be stacked, but a few cannot. The sizes and shape can vary from glass to glass - but whatever you choose, a Beldi glass is a perfect gift idea or interior for a personal home.

Durable handmade glasses - practical service and interior

Despite the finesse and aesthetic appearance of the Beldi glasses, and the rest of the Beldi interior, they are extremely resistant and can be used in a wide range of everyday situations. The handmade glasses are dishwasher safe and heat resistant. Beldi interior can therefore be used for both hot and cold drinks – a very practical piece of tableware.

If you want a cup of traditional Moroccan mint tea, the size 18 cl Beldi glass is the one you should go for. This is the size glass that tea is most often served in. The small size 15 cl is really good for coffee, whereas sizes 22 and 30 cl. are good drinking glasses. Complete your table setting and your aesthetic home with Beldi glass!

Fast delivery of Beldi glass

Are you looking forward to seeing the aesthetic Beldi glasses and creating a personal table setting? Or have you bought Beldi glass as a gift? We strive to ship your interior within 1-3 working days, so you can quickly enjoy your new unique service.

When your order exceeds DKK 499, you get free shipping and delivery, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of our beautiful interior at no extra cost. For orders under DKK 499, DKK 29 is charged for shipping to the parcel shop and DKK 39 for private delivery.

At Tibladin we also offer a 14-day right of withdrawal. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Beldi glasses, you can return the goods within this period. However, be aware that you, as the buyer, are responsible for the freight and the safety of the return shipment.

We are proud of our good service and strive to make your experience with Tibladin as pleasant as possible. Fast delivery, good service and the right to cancel - you can buy authentic and aesthetic Beldi glasses for table settings, interiors or gift ideas with peace of mind.