Tamegroute ceramics

Tamegroute ceramics – Unique, rustic and chic!

At Tibladin you can find a large selection of the popular Tamegroute ceramics. What characterizes Tamegroute ceramics is the imperfect and rustic surface, which makes it very nice to look at and touch. You can find tables, dishes, plates, flower pot covers and much more in this beautiful material.

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The story behind Tamegroute ceramics

Tamegroute is an ancient technique that has been passed down through families in the region for many years as a way for them to earn a living. So the same fantastic art that has been practiced in the small village of Tamegroute, hence the name, for many generations. The unique thing about the ceramics is that they dip it in glaze, which gives it a smooth and shiny appearance. Its characteristic, deep green color is reminiscent of the palm or olive trees of Morocco. The pottery can also be in a yellowish brown colour, which makes one think of the soft, warm sand of the Sahara. The ceramics that are not glazed have a rougher surface and have a natural creamy white clay colour. This ceramic is still tamegroot, but here the glazing process is skipped, so you are left with ceramics that have a neutral and stylish look that fits into any decor.

The production of Tamegrout

One of the main ingredients for making Tamegroute ceramics is a clay dirt called "Taligit", which is collected a few meters below the ground by the Drâa river in Morocco. The region is rich in this clay, which is used by the potters. The process of turning Taligit into Tamegroute ceramic is very complicated and involves, among other things, burying it in a hole for 24 hours, where it is dissolved and mixed with water. In Tamegroute the potters work standing and are buried in holes up to the waist. Thus, only the upper body is visible. They repeat the same controlled, precise and fast movements over and over.

A characteristic feature of Tamegroute ceramics is its beautiful tactile and imperfect surface. The surface occurs due to the way in which the ceramics are fired. The firing process takes place in a completely enclosed stone kiln at 1100 °C, where only minimal amounts of oxygen can get through. This creates these small "bubbles" on the surface, which characterize Tamegroute ceramics. The burn takes approx. 5 hours. The ovens are heated with palm leaves, dry wood and dry herbal mixtures, all of which produce a thick, bitter, black smoke. After firing, the ceramics cool down overnight. The beautiful and impressive colors of the Tamegroute pottery, either dark green or brownish yellow, are produced from a metal mixture of manganese, which is also found in kohl, copper oxide and barley flour. Other methods are needed to create the color, but they are not disclosed!
To achieve the brown/yellow colour, the potters do not add copper.

After agriculture, pottery is the second main activity of the inhabitants, and even in periods of drought it is something they continue to cultivate.
This craft is a source of life for this Berber and Arab population, which protects and guards the traditions and this great local, regional and national heritage.
Each piece of pottery is unique and all its own
The color, shape, size and expression of the ceramics vary, as it is handmade, which is the charm of the raw, unique and rustic ceramics. Each bowl, vase, plate, etc. each tells its own unique story and has personality. It's so nice to think how the skilled Moroccan villagers have been sitting and turning and shaping clay into beautiful creations with their own hands for many years.
The city where the magic happens: Tamegroute
Tamegroute pottery is Berber pottery and is a classic and traditional way of making pottery, which originates from the Moroccan people in the small village of Tamegroute (hence the name) near the Zagora region of Morocco. The town of Tamegroute, located right at the gate of the desert, is best known for their iconic tamegroute glazed ceramics and many curious tourists visit the cozy town. Since the 15th century, this small region has been home to pottery workshops, and for good measure, it can be pointed out that these workshops in Tamegroute are the oldest in all of Morocco. The ceramics today are just as beautiful and special as 500 years ago, since the same technique and recipe have been used, but they have been good at keeping it a secret and being discreet about it. Since the time when the beautiful masterpieces of Tamegroute began to be created, the skilled village men have become more creative and have developed new forms of pottery; vases, plates, bowls, dishes, candlesticks etc

Large selection of different products
At Tibladin, we are proud to be able to present our large selection of delicious products from Tamegroute ceramics. We have Tamegroute ceramics, we believe, to suit every taste. We offer both tables, plates, bowls, candlesticks, vases and plant pot covers that give your home personality with its beautiful, unique touch. Tamegrote ceramics give your interior design and table setting a very authentic and different look. There can easily be imperfections, small rejections and color differences in the handmade ceramics, which is what makes the ceramics charming. The tactile and rustic surface of the ceramics helps to create a cozy and authentic atmosphere.