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Marrakech guide books! Here's everything you need to plan the perfect trip to Marrakech¡ Are you planning a trip to Marrakech and need inspiration for sights and exciting attractions? So fear not! At Tibladin you can get your very own personal guidebook to Marrakech. The book takes you away from tourist traps to more authentic and exciting places that might otherwise be difficult to find.

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Showing all 3 results

The popular city of Marrakech is known for its charm, fascinating culture, tasty food, beautiful buildings and landscapes and not least the hospitable and humble people. It is a sought-after travel destination and many tourists travel to "the red city", as it is called, every year. The reason why Marrakech is called the red city is that, in Moroccan architecture, sinks, indoor and outdoor walls, floors, showers and tubs are painted with tadlect, which is a form of red clay. 

It is no wonder that Marrakech is such a much-loved city, because there is so much to experience. The food is absolutely amazing and packed with unique spices, their craftsmanship is impressively beautiful, the atmosphere in the city is incredibly cozy and you feel safe when you walk around Marrakech. 

Your guide to Marrakech is a book written by author Maria Wittendorff. She has a university degree in Arabic art, is trained in intercultural communication and journalism and has also been a writer and editor for magazines and books. 

The book gives you inspiration for what you just have to experience on your trip to Marrakech. There are also sections in the book that talk about what Morocco is known for, among other things. food, crafts and art, then you are curious and want to know more about e.g. Beldi glass, Hammam, carpets, the traditional Moroccan cuisine and a whole lot of other things? Then this book is just the thing for you, as you will learn quite a bit more about Marrakech and Morocco. 

The author's first book about Marrakech "Marrakech - taste, places and atmosphere" was published in 2017 and at the end of 2019, she came out with this book: "Your guide to Marrakech". In her first book, she has taken as a starting point 15 selected sights/places in Marrakech that she believes you should experience. You can find recipes and read about these different sights and places and their history. The book is quite a bit larger than her guidebook, so the guidebook "Your guide to Marrakech" is perfect to take with you on the journey, as it can easily be kept in your bag. 

In the book you learn a whole lot about Marrakech, including about the food, art, culture, their interiors and crafts, traditions, special sights, hotels/riads and much more. This book is not a book that you need to read cover to cover in chronological order. The sections and chapters tell about something different each, so that you can select what you most want to know more about. After reading the book you are ready for your trip to Marrakech because you now know all the good restaurants, riads, attractions, museums, parks/gardens, streets, markets and generally about the history of Marrakech and what the city is known for. You now also know the less touristy places, which are more authentic and unique, which other tourists probably don't know about.