A nice table setting with unique beautiful things can be a good topic of conversation with your guests. Here is there durable stoneware with a Scandinavian expression and sometimes light Moroccan motifs. You will also find Beldi glass which has a long Moroccan tradition.

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Showing 1–12 of 148 results

A well-laid table makes the food taste better!

At Tibladin we have a large selection of unique and handmade stoneware and glass, for a vibrant and beautiful table setting that will make your guests fall in love and turn your everyday food into a party.

The Moroccan Marrakesh porcelain is timeless, the stoneware is attractive in restaurants, shops and large hotels all over the world, etc. Both for its look but also for its durability. The stoneware is fired at over 1200 degrees, it is therefore also ideal for the oven, dishwasher and microwave.

The plates from Tibladin are unique and have small nuances in both color and shape. Of the plates looks are different and unique in their own way. Everything is carefully hand-turned and hand-painted and all the products are different. This gives a more vibrant table setting with the small different nuances that vary. Looking for a Moroccan Tagine, also seen spelled Tajine, then you have come to the right place. Here you will find a very high quality of tagines, which you can use at high temperatures in the oven, they are refractory and can withstand direct fire and can therefore be used over a gas stove and over a fire. if you like cooking campfire food.

You will find various handmade unique mug in beautiful shades, dishes for beautiful serving and bowls in different colors and shapes. All in all, something that gives you a completely unique table setting that attracts attention and welcomes your guests, since it is very robust, you can easily use it everyday too, so you don't have to have two frames taking up space in the cupboard.

When you see a well-laid table where the host has taken the trouble to set cloth napkins on instead of paper napkins, you as a guest feel valued and welcome. A cloth napkin can be reused for many years and is much better for the environment. The cloth napkin is made of quality cotton with a beautiful hand-embroidered simple pattern and edge in the same colour. They are easy to add to your table setting and give a beautiful expression of quality.

You will also find them under table settings beautiful hand-blown glass, made of recycled glass. They are carefully crafted in a small glassworks in Morocco. The recycled glass plays beautifully with the light and your table setting becomes more alive. They are also beautiful to take out on the terrace, so that the light can really catch the recycled glass. There will be small cracks and air bubbles in the glass, which makes them completely unique and special.