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At Tibladin you will find a large selection of exclusive and unique home accessories developed in collaboration with local artisans and designers in Morocco.

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Showing 1–12 of 103 results

Go exploring in Morocco

When you explore Tibladin's home accessories category, it is as if you are in Marrakech, but completely adapted to a Scandinavian style and in an unimaginably high quality. In other words, you get all sorts of junk sorted out of the Souk and see only the very best craftsmanship and completely timeless design. You will experience the warmth of the Moroccan style without it looking out of place in relation to your style. It is here that Moroccan craftsmanship and Scandinavian design show themselves in a beautiful harmony.

Be inspired by the beautiful handwoven textiles. The beautiful and completely unique pillow cover, cozy plaids and beautiful bedspreads, or how about some practical and cozy ones Moroccan baskets?

You can easily with a beautiful jar in stucco get a little hammam atmosphere in the bathroom or decorate your living room.

We work with skilled craftsmen who have inherited their profession from their parents and grandparents! A great knowledge of the craft they work with gives them endless possibilities for new designs in collaboration with Tibladin.

Home accessories are an easy way to change your home without requiring or costing too much. Whether it is your kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom that you want to renew, you will find Hus Tibladin a large selection of completely unique home accessories. We therefore offer you completely unique solutions for your home. You are a unique person and you deserve unique products.

Dive into our universe of completely unique home accessories that make it easy for you to realize your home dreams. You can have a beautifully aesthetic home that oozes personality and warmth.