Storage at home can sometimes be too much of a task. It's not always easy to keep track when things are messy in your home. It is extremely important that when you have to store some things at home, that it is not just stored in something that is only practical and functional, but of course also stylish and looks good.

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of all the different things at home when you talk about storage. In this category you can find decorative storage solutions. There must of course be room for an overview and order in things, but it must also fit in with your personal decor.

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Showing 1–12 of 41 results

Large selection of delicious Moroccan jars and baskets

It's always nice to be able to store your things in something that decorates. On Tibladin's webshop you can choose between the different designs of functional storage. On the website you can buy high-quality goods such as boxes, glass jars, stucco jars and baskets. All the items are unique and handmade by local artisans in Morocco. You can, for example, buy a jar in stucco / tadlekt in turquoise color - a ceramic jar coated with Stucco, which is a marbling that is often used on walls in Morocco. Stucco gives a beautiful and exclusive look, while the material feels silky smooth and delicious.

It's always nice to surround yourself with beautiful things, and if they can also be used to store things in, that's extra good. With this pot in stucco / tadlekt, you will definitely decorate your home. The jar will give an extra touch of warmth and Moroccan mystery. Use it in the bathroom for your cotton pads, cotton buds, jewelery and soaps or as decorative storage for your coffee capsules in the kitchen. It can also be used for your keys in the entrance hall or as a cozy hostess gift filled with wrapped small chocolates.

Hand-woven baskets give your home a completely unique and warm atmosphere. They are at the same time incredibly practical as storage and very decorative. The baskets are hand-woven by a small basket-weaver in Marrakesh, who has been working with basket-weaving for generations. The old traditions of Moroccan basket weaving have been preserved and maintained from father to son, generation after generation. While the design aspect is constantly evolving. We work in our designs to show the best of Morocco and Scandinavia in a sweet harmony.