A colorful Moroccan pouf is a perfect footstool for your decor and fits into most living rooms, where it can be used to create a cozy and calm atmosphere. A Moroccan pillow is a perfect way to bring a bit of Morocco into your living room, as the beautiful patterns and colorful designs of Moroccan leather pillows bring a very special atmosphere with them.

Whether you choose a Moroccan, colorful leather pouf for your living room or an outdoor pouf, the Moroccan cushion will add a touch of exotic charm, colorful decor and create a calm atmosphere in your home.

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Colorful poufs in attractive materials and patterned fabric

A Moroccan pouf can be used as a comfortable footstool in the living room and add an elegant touch to any interior. The quality of the leather and the artisan design of leather poufs ensure that the pouf is durable and the interior is of high quality.

Outdoor poufs are good for the conservatory, the orangery or on your terrace on a sunny day - however, be aware of taking care of your outdoor pouf in rain and other weather conditions that can damage the materials. Both poufs in wool and Moroccan leather cushions are popular choices of fabric and design for a Moroccan pouf.

Calm atmosphere with a pouf for the living room

The beautiful, colorful poufs can be used as seating, footstool and small side table. We have many different designs of leather poufs, including round poufs with and without a pattern (also known as the traditional Moroccan pouf) as well as in different variants of natural colored leather and dyed poufs with natural colours. We have square poufs in different colours, mini poufs for the children's room, slightly higher poufs for you who want a higher sitting height and everything to suit your taste and your interior design. We have both leather poufs, wool poufs and vintage carpet poufs, which give an authentic atmosphere and an expression of quality.

All our poufs and Moroccan cushions are handmade in Morocco from the best materials, which ensure a very good durability and a piece of interior that, with the right maintenance, can decorate the living room for a long time.. Some poufs are also available in several sizes.

A pouf is an additional piece of furniture that invites coziness and gives the interior a lounge atmosphere. A pouf helps us gather around the coffee table more easily for a calm atmosphere. The pouf is flexible and can be moved around as needed. You can also take your pouf out onto the terrace in the summer and create your own Moroccan lounge atmosphere with the outdoor pouf. With a pouf, you can easily give your interior a different expression, bring a little warmth, color and personality into the home and living room.

Leather ottoman in good quality for stylish interiors

A Moroccan pouf in leather is a true classic, which goes incredibly well with a sofa or armchair in leather. The patterns in the Moroccan leather cushion provide a nice contrast to the more simple and stylish leather furniture you see in Scandinavian interior design. With a leather pouf you create a calm atmosphere in the living room. A pouf, also called a Moroccan pillow, can also be a nice counterpoint to furniture in other materials, and give a Moroccan touch to, for example, a sofa group.

Moroccan cushions in leather - handmade design for a living room with quality

All our leather poufs are handmade and of really good and solid quality. We use goat leather for all our leather poufs, as this gives a very flexible and soft pouf, which acquires a beautiful patina over time. Goat leather is very resistant to scratches in contrast to cow leather. We have individual colored poufs, which are dyed with natural colours. All leather is processed manually, cut and beaten out by hand and is sewn with extra strong stitching, so the pouffe will last for many years. The fine embroideries are made by hand by women who use the traditional Moroccan craft they have learned over generations.

Each pouf is unique and handmade with love. Some will think that the goat leather has a distinct scent. However, this scent goes away quickly. If you want to get rid of it immediately, put your pouf outside (covered) for a day - then the smell will disappear.

You can choose to maintain your leather pouf with leather grease or oil. However, you must be aware that if you give your pouf oil, it will darken. You can also easily choose to leave them untreated, so that the leather pouf gets a beautiful patina. You must be aware that if you place your leather pouf in direct sunlight, it will eventually fade, as all other leather will.

Vintage pouf in wool - interior that provides a calm atmosphere

We also have a large selection of handmade Moroccan floor cushions / wool poufs, all of which are made from vintage wool rugs, including Azilal or Beni Ouarain rugs. In this way, the old, beautiful carpets get new life in new furniture. By purchasing a Moroccan pouf / floor cushion of this kind, you are therefore supporting the recycling of discarded rugs in genuine, high Moroccan quality. It is sustainable interior design. All poufs are in themselves different and unique, because the pattern and colors depend on which part of the carpet is used for the individual pouf.

The unique floor cushions create a new space on the floor in your living room. The soft, large, velvety floor cushions invite coziness around the coffee table, and the children love to sit and lie on them in the living room. The Moroccan floor cushions invite a more relaxed atmosphere and way of sitting and provide good support for adults who want to sit on the floor and talk to pets or children.

Handmade poufs in high quality wool

Our range also includes handmade wool poufs, which are made from scratch from high-quality wool. Here, it really is the Scandinavian design that is united with the Moroccan craftsmanship. It is a less crude alternative to the pouffe in leather. The round poufs in this category give a more stylish and soft look if you are not into leather or sharp patterns and colours.

Our wool poufs are available in several different colors and are easy to add to your decor. You can fill your poufs with winter duvets, old clothes, pillows and blankets. That way, you reuse what you already have, or you can use the pouffe as storage. You can also choose to have your leather pouf delivered with a filling of organic wood wool. This saves you the trouble and gives you a light pouf that you can move around better. Read more here.

The floor cushions can be supplied with the filling of a large 90×90 cushion, as wood wool for this model is not the best solution.

Authentic interior with a colorful pouf

Create an authentic interior with a colorful pouf. This pouf is made of quality materials, including leather and fabric, that bring life and joy to any room. With its unique design and craftsmanship, it functions as both a stylish footstool and a decorative element. The colorful pouf for the living room adds a lively touch to the interior and creates a calm atmosphere.

Regardless of whether you choose an outdoor pouf or a pouf in wool, the Moroccan pouf or Moroccan leather pouffe will give your interior an exotic and authentic, calm atmosphere. Give your home a touch of Morocco with a Moroccan pouf!

Fast delivery of colorful poufs

Are you looking forward to seeing the colorful poufs and creating a personal interior? We strive to send your interior within 1-3 working days, so you can quickly enjoy your new, colorful pouf.

When your order exceeds DKK 499, you get free shipping and delivery, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of our beautiful interior at no extra cost. For orders under DKK 499, DKK 29 is charged for shipping to the parcel shop and DKK 39 for private delivery.

At Tibladin we also offer a 14-day right of withdrawal. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Moroccan pillow, you can return the goods within this period. However, be aware that you, as the buyer, are responsible for the freight and the safety of the return shipment.

We are proud of our good service and strive to make your experience with Tibladin as pleasant as possible. Fast delivery, good service and the right to cancel - you can buy a colorful pouf from us with peace of mind and create a calm atmosphere in the interior of your living room.