Curves have once again gained traction in Scandinavian interior design. We use baskets in the interior like never before. Both baskets for storage and basket lamps. We invite nature inside and soften the decor with natural materials. They fit incredibly well with the Scandinavian decor. They can soften slightly hard materials, such as concrete, steel and marble and tiles.

Baskets are decorative and at the same time very practical. The large ones can often be used for laundry, for the guest duvet, for the children's toys, for storing pillows and throws and not least for decoration. The smaller ones are often used for the extra toilet rolls, for the small guest towels, to throw keys, wallet and sunglasses in when you get home, for the knitting, for the secrets away from the adults in the children's room and, not least, they decorate something so excellent in the home. You can also use the smaller ones as a decorative waste bin in the bathroom, you just need to insert a bag, or as a flower pot hider. Here, it is of course also very important that you insert a bag so that the basket is not damaged. I often use them for cacti, as they don't need very much water, and I think the basket material suits cacti very well.

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Showing 1–12 of 23 results

Wicker for storage

At Tibladin you will find many different hand-woven Moroccan baskets. We collaborate with a small family business in Marrakech, which has specialized in basket weaving for generations. All materials are natural and local. We add natural dyed string and leather and work with the good craftsmanship and beautiful designs that we develop in collaboration.

My grandmother was a big collector of baskets and I probably inherited her fondness for these cozy and fragrant creatures. As she said "you can't have too many baskets", but maybe it got a little too much for her when we counted over 300 baskets when she passed away.

Baskets give your decor softness and coziness. Especially in modern houses, which are very stylish, I immediately want to add some baskets. The decor immediately softens and gives a feeling of coziness. I love that the baskets smell of the natural wicker. I enjoy it every time that, for example, I throw clothes to be washed in my large natural basket. The wonderful scent lingers and brings you closer to nature in your own home.

We have baskets in natural wicker and baskets where we use colored string which we weave in together. Some with patterns, some with colors. You can definitely find a basket that suits you. All are unique and vary in shape and size. That is precisely the charming thing about the baskets at Tibladin. All are handmade with love.

We have baskets with handles and baskets without handles and baskets with lids and without lids.

How do I maintain my basket?

Vacuum your basket once in a while. Should the accident happen, and if you spill something in your basket, or if your basket has gotten damp and mold has grown in it, you can easily wash your basket. Use a little Rodalon mixed in water and brush the bottom of your basket, rinse it with clean water and let it dry in the sun. Wicker is a very grateful material and it is easy to clean.