At Tibladin, you can choose from a large selection of textiles that will definitely fit into your home decor. In Morocco there is such a fine tradition of weaving. There are lots of beautiful textiles to be found at Tibladin. Here you will find both bedspreads and throws, pillows and hammam towels. Easy to add to your home to give a personal and warm expression. You can buy the textiles in different colours, designs, sizes and materials, so you can find what suits your interior best. With the help of the textiles, you can create a warm, nice and comfortable atmosphere in your home. You can also come up with good gift ideas within textiles here in the webshop, where you can delight the recipient with a unique design bought from Tibladin. All the goods are of high quality and produced in Morocco.


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Hammam towels

You can, for example, buy a luxury handwoven Hammam towel in 100 % organic cotton. You can buy towels in different colors with hand-twisted lace. Completely unique and can be used both as a hammam towel, but also as a throw, at the foot of your made bed or over a chair. High quality organic cotton and with the finest finesse in the weaving. The hammam towels have been designed in collaboration with a designer from Marrakech, where we have worked with the idea of uniting the Moroccan tradition with the Scandinavian minimalist style.

You will find white hammam towels with a black, dark blue, silver or floor stripes at both ends. The hammam towel is handwoven and gives you a real luxury feeling in the bath. The towel is a nice size. It's big enough to get all the way around you and it's also great to have with you on the beach, as there's plenty of room to lie down on. The towels decorate the bathroom beautifully.

If you want more colorful hammam towels, there are also towels in a lighter quality, which do not weigh and take up much space and are perfect to take with you on the go. On top of that, they dry lightning fast. These towels are handwoven in Essaouira in Morocco in a women's cooperative we collaborate with.

Pillow cover

You can also buy Moroccan handmade cushion covers in cactus silk in different colors. Cactus silk pillows in perfect and unique bohemian style. Gives a unique and warm touch to your decor. Handmade with love At Tibladin, the cactus silk pillows - also called Sabra - are handmade from real Aloe Vera silk extracted from the cactus plant that grows in the Sahara desert. The silk is dyed with colors from plants and minerals from roots, berries, spices and leaves. 100 % organic and handmade according to the old Berber traditions. Each pillowcase is unique and tells its own story with small imperfections and differences, the pillowcases are small charming works of art.

How about a completely unique pillow made from a vintage kilim rug. These pillows are completely unique and are small works of art. We find the vintage carpets ourselves and measure out how they should be cut so that they form beautiful and unique cushions.

We have hand-knitted warm lovely pillows and specially designed pillows in cotton and wool, where we work with the Scandinavian style and Moroccan craftsmanship in a beautiful harmony. Completely unique pillows, you can't find anywhere else and there are very few pieces. of each.

Throws and bedspreads

A warm cozy plaid in either wool or cotton to warm yourself with on a cool summer evening or when autumn and winter knock on the door. The same for throws and bedspreads is that they have several uses. Use them as a throw, bedspread, tablecloth, at the foot of the bed or to lay over your sofa for protection. There are many different sizes of bedspreads, which fit both a 90, 120, 140 and 180 cm bed.