Floor cushions/wool poufs

We have chosen to call this category Moroccan floor cushions / wool poufs, as they are slightly lower (approx. 10 cm) than our other poufs in leather and wool. However, they are still Moroccan poufs made from the finest vintage Azilal and Beni Ouarain wool rugs.

These Moroccan floor cushions / wool poufs can help to quickly give you a unique touch to your decor. Each pouf is unique, as the appearance depends on which part of the rug is used. You are simply sure that no one else has a poof like it. The floor cushions are handmade by our designer and supplier in Marrakech, who collects the rugs and makes floor cushions/poufs from them, and since they are made of wool rugs, they are extremely delicious and soft.

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Moroccan floor cushions from Azilal and Beni Ouarain rugs

Azilal rugs come from the Azilal region in the mountains east of Marrakech. Here, it is usually the women who weave the carpets by hand, and originally the women used these carpets to express different stories in the carpets, as they did not have a written language. The rugs are made of 100% wool, but sometimes combined with some cotton thread. Beni Ouarain rugs are made by the Beni Ouarain tribes who live in the Moroccan parts of the North African Atlas Mountains. They are also handwoven, most often by the women, of the highest quality 100% wool.

These fine, handmade carpets, which are all woven with a unique story in mind, are thus given new life in the form of these floor cushions, which can help create new stories in your home.

What a filling user man in moroccan floor cushions?

We recommend that you use a good, firm pillow measuring approximately 80×80 or 90×90 cm. But you can easily use textiles you already have, e.g. duvets, pillows, sheets and more. Feel free to also use crumpled newspaper or foam granules. If you don't want to fill your pouf yourself, you can buy it here in the shop. It is then filled with wood wool from Danish pine.

Maintain your floor cushion

Stains on these floor cushions should be treated just like stains on a wool carpet. If you are unlucky enough to get a stain on your floor cushion, you must start by vacuuming. If this does not remove the stain, take a tightly wrung out cloth with lukewarm water and dab the stain in a twisting, rotating motion in the same direction (definitely not back and forth, and finally do not rub the stain). In the event of snowfall, you can advantageously place the pouffe in the newly fallen snow - but do not soak it, so that the floor cushion becomes decidedly wet. This helps to deep clean the wool.