Beni Ouarain rug

If you have to choose between several Moroccan rugs, and you prefer something simple and bright - then one of our Beni Ouarain rugs is a good choice for you. Beni Ouarain rugs are usually made with light/white wool and often have simple patterns in the form of checks or zig-zags – some without a pattern at all. They are known to be extremely soft and delicious, as they are made in 100% wool, and have found great demand in Europe in recent years.

The rugs are hand-woven, which is why they are almost all in different sizes. The women who make the rugs do not mass-produce them, but simply make one at a time – each with its own unique expression. So maybe you can find one in our selection of Beni Ouarain rugs that fits perfectly under your dining table, coffee table or in the bedroom.

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Showing 1–12 of 21 results

The story of Beni Ouarain rugs

The Beni Ouarain is an association of Berber tribes in the north-eastern Moroccan Atlas Mountains, some of which live in the mountains and others have moved further down into the valleys.

The tribes go all the way back to the 8th century, and since then they have lived a relatively undisturbed life in the mountains. It is not easy to grow crops high up in the mountains, so the tribes have always done a lot in sheep herding. From here they get the finest wool, as the sheep they keep are a rare old breed with wool of the highest quality. It is therefore not surprising that the Beni Ouarain carpets are so soft and delicious.

Beni Ouarain carpets today

In the past, the blankets were made exclusively for personal use to shield the family from the winter cold of the mountains. However, the carpets are so beautiful that there is a great demand for them around the world. Therefore, some tribes make more Beni Ouarain carpets than they need themselves and sell them to local carpet traders and suppliers (e.g. our supplier in Marrakech).

With us you get the real thing - genuine Beni Ouarain rugs, made by Berber women in the Atlas Mountains. You get a unique, hand-woven rug that can fit into most modern interiors, and you won't regret buying a rug of such good quality.