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Try a delicious body oil from L'art du bain. 100 ml. bottle with softening and moisturizing drops. Penetrates quickly and leaves the skin more supple, soft and delicious. They are very slow to use, only a few drops provide plenty of moisture.

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Showing all 5 results

Use after bathing

Use it after bathing on slightly moistened skin, let it penetrate the skin and get dressed.

This oil is perfect for maintaining your summer glow for longer. Use it after the bath when you have sunbathed and keep the color longer. It is also really good after shaving, as it penetrates and softens and soothes the skin.

Feel free to use it after bathing with the Bodyscrub and experience how your skin will feel baby soft and more supple.

Use a few drops in your foot bath and feel how the water softens your feet and provides plenty of moisture. Massage a simple drop into your cuticles on your hands and feet and leave it on overnight. If you have a dry spot on your body, this oil is perfect for penetrating and providing plenty of moisture exactly where you need it.

The small bottle is easy to carry with you in your luggage on holiday. The bottle even goes through security as it stays at 100 ml.

This organic body oil for dry skin comes in three different scents. BELEM (yellow) is a mild scent Belem oil is a delicious body oil that provides plenty of moisture and has a wonderful scent that reminds you of a walk in the forest, with nuances that are lovely mild, warm and slightly spicy. This oil takes you on a trip down the Amazon River, with its slightly spicy scent of exotic forest. BAHIA has a wonderful scent of flowers and exotic fruits and BRASILIA with a wonderful scent of jojoba, flowers and summer's heat and sun.

The oils come in a slim bottle with a spray spout for easy application. the body oils are rich in Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, as well as vitamins B1, B2, B3, C and E, all of which contribute to the skin's elasticity and provide the skin with moisture.

You can use the oils both on the body and on the face. Use possibly the oil to remove make-up with. Massage the oil into the skin and then apply a washing mousse or gel and clean with lukewarm water - this way you get a 2-step cleanser that cleans completely in depth.

All oils give a light fragrance on the body, so you don't need perfume on the hot summer skin.

As with all new products, it is recommended that you test the oil on a small area of your skin to see how you react. Even though it is one of the natural organic ingredients, there may be something you react to.

Wellness experience

In our products from L'art du bain you will find scrubs, body oils and soaps in solid and liquid form. Everything helps to give you the ultimate spa experience at home in your own bathroom. With the products from L'art du bain, you will not need scent sticks in your bathroom. Products spread a wonderful scent in your bathroom, just by being in front of them. Light perfume with one of natural oils and mild and good for delicate skin.

For me, Morocco also means hammam and self-indulgence. Every single trip to Morocco, I allow myself to be pampered and often go to the hammam and get a massage. Personal care is very important in Morocco and there are the best wellness places where you can really relax and get treatments with natural products. Being able to have the same experience at home in the bathroom is for me tantamount to a daily luxury, and makes me dream of going to Marrakech. With these delicious body oils, I get that well-being in my everyday life.