Beni Ouarain 90×370 cm.


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  • Beni Ouarain rug in 100% wool.
  • The carpet is bright with a beige pattern
  • The rug is made of 100 % quality wool and is lovely soft and warm.

A runner that can make your hallway look cozy and improve the acoustics significantly. The rug is made by Berber women from the Beni Ouarain tribes in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains.

The rug measures 90×370 cm


Vacuum the carpet regularly and take it outside and shake it once in a while. Stains are removed by soaking up the stain as quickly as possible with a cloth and then dabbing the stain with a damp cloth. The carpet is 100 % pure wool and is naturally covered with lanolin on each fiber, which means that stains do not penetrate into the carpet. Should we be lucky enough to get snow one winter in Denmark, then finally lay out the blanket in the white snow. This will thoroughly clean the carpet – completely naturally.

The story behind

Carpets decorate, provide coziness and warmth and are also noise absorbent.

Beni Ouarain carpets are very popular all over the world and also suit the Scandinavian decor very well. Many interior brands have copied the Beni Ouarain style and have them made industrially. Here at Tibladin, we only have original Beni Ouarain rugs made by hand by women from the Berber tribe Beni Ouarain, which originates south of the Rif Mountains in Morocco. The blankets are used by the Berber tribe to cover themselves and lie on when they need to sleep. Each carpet is a work of art and unlike oriental carpets, they are not produced according to models, but only according to the women's own wishes and often symbolize the feelings the women have had when they weave. The diamond shape seen in many of the rugs protects against evil. The color tones are natural in their white, beige, brown and black colors.

Throw away your shoes and feel the soft wool under your feet!